Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The most incompetent person in Johnson County

So Phil Kline decided to run for the DA in JoCo. At the last minute. How nice of him to show his commitment to the citizens of Johnson County by waiting for the last minute to file!

I'm not a resident of JoCo, thank God. Voters would be crazy to elect him. He has proven himself to be a power-crazed single-issue tyrant who wastes time and taxpayer money on personal vendettas while letting the real cases that matter to the public become so bungled there is no chance of justice. He barely even cares enough to follow the residency requirements of his position!

Kline repeatedly brings charges against abortion providers even tho there is NO evidence of wrongdoing. The basis for these charges were rumors circulated by anti-choice nutcases like Troy Newman and Operation Rescue. One investigation after hearing these rumors is justified. After the charges are proven false, then DROP IT and move on to real crime. Kline has failed to do so, because all he cares about is his personal religious beliefs instead of pursuing justice in Johnson County.

Kelsey Smith has been dead over a year. Her killer, Edwin Hall should have been put to death six months ago. The district attorney was handed this conviction on a silver platter courtesy of Target's surveillance cameras. There should have been no question of his guilt. However, Kline's continued bungling of the evidence has allowed Edwin Hall's attorneys to present a decent defense. How can Kline sleep at night after denying the Smith family their closure for so long?? I guess for someone that only cares about harrassing people for using a legal medical procedure, it doesn't really affect him that Kelsey's parents will never be able to see her graduate college, walk her down the aisle at her wedding, hold her newborn babies...

I can't imagine that rational voters would let this man back into office after he has made fools out of everyone in Johnson County by pretending to care about justice when really he only cared about his personal beliefs. He was overwhelmingly defeated in the Attorney General's race. The same should happen in JoCo.


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