Friday, June 20, 2008

No means NO!

Listen, I love firefighters. Really. They do good things and some of them are really hot.

But I HATE telemarketers.

My phone in the kitchen doesn't have Caller ID. Specifically, one of the kids lost the battery door and now the batteries just won't stay in it. So when I'm working in the kitchen, I just have to hope that if I answer the phone it will be someone I actually want to talk to. Not so much tonight. Jackson County Fireman's Support League or some bullsh*t like that.

I have a really hard time just hanging up on people, even if they are annoying. So I politely listened to him offer me free Royals tickets in exchange for my support of the firefighters. Unfortunately, I am broke this week (seriously I wasn't lying this time). I told him so and he goes "The minimum donation required is only twenty dollars! Can I count on your support?"

Twenty dollars is half a tank of gas. "Sorry, I just can't do it this week."

"Ma'am I know your time is valuable so I don't want to call you back next week. Can I count on your support?"

What part of "I just can't do it" doesn't he understand??????

At this point, I hung up.

I pay taxes like everybody else! That supports the firemen doesn't it?? When I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay for gas I don't want to be bribed into donating with some tickets to see a crappy baseball team! And of course out of my twenty dollars, fifteen would probably be collected by the telemarketing firm as a fee for their annoying services, so the poor sexy firefighters would only get about five dollars.

That's just pathetic... The telemarketers give firemen a bad name. They'd probably raise a lot more money if they had the cute firefighters come around knocking on doors. Send the fire-ladies too. Some of them are pretty hot as well.

**NOTE: I really do appreciate all the things firefighters do in teh community and hope I didn't offend them by objectifying their sexyness.

They're just so smokin' hot. :)

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Xavier Onassis said...

"I have a really hard time just hanging up on people, even if they are annoying."

This becomes less of a problem if you just don't answer the phone in the first place.

"My phone in the kitchen doesn't have Caller ID."

I understand.

Just stop answering that phone.

The fact that someone is calling you does not place any obligation on you to answer their calls.

Let it go to voice mail. Make an assessment on your own time.

You are in control.