Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Energizer Bunny


The AP is reporting that Barack Obama has enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. They came to this conclusion by adding up Obama's pledged delegates, delegates that privately confirmed their choice to the AP, and the number of delegates he would be guaranteed if he wins a bare-minimum of 15% of the vote in the remaining primaries. Simply put, there is no way the old lady will win the nomination.

Hilary Clinton still won't bow out. She said today she will not concede the race even though sources close to her previously said she would concede tonight. She needs to give up and go home. However, the gracious Senator Clinton did say she would be open to running as VP with Obama.

This would be a disasterous selection on Obama's part. Much of his appeal is with votors like myself, moderate conservatives who are tired of the status-quo and like what Obama has to say and what he stands for. Clinton is the poster girl of crazy liberals that would scare away the majority of these voters. It doesn't help that both Clintons don't think voters count in states that went to Obama in the primaries. That's not the image the party needs to send. If the vp-candidate thinks that voters don't count, surely she will understand when those states she insulted decide to vote Republican in November.

Selecting her as a running mate doesn't make sense on more levels than just one. Especially coming on the heels of her recent RFK assassination remark last week. If she is selected, and Barack gets assassinated, she is handed on a siver platter the very presidency that millions of Democrats don't want her to have.

Hilary Clinton needs to quit, now. She needs to go back to New York and do the job she was elected to do. Barack Obama should pick a running mate that represents his values in order to secure a Democratic president in 08.

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