Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

So I'm finally starting to get the hang of this blogger thing I think. Soon I'll have more time to explore and get it set up all nice and neat. At the same time, I'm settling into my new house. It finally feels like home. Neighborhood is great, better than the hood I just moved out of.

I don't really understand the reaction I get from some snobbier suburban peeps when I tell them I moved to Independence. Like, I'm sure there is a lot of meth here, there is in every city. If you want to see the true meth capitol of the world, take a drive to Hutchinson KS. On second thought, don't. It's not worth much except during the State Fair and then you should only go there for the cotton candy and the pig races.

I'm taking the train to Newton tmw night. My family lives in Wichita and I'm going down for a visit. There are some weird-ass people on the train. Last week I got sat next to this guy going to Lawrence, who told me in the 1st five minutes that people who have children were terrible because they filled up the landfills with diapers and killed mother earth. Also, people who use the internet are terrible because they disconnect from the real world. I just had to point out the flaw in his logic: that the Internet facilitates a paperless society which saves the rainforests. That was just too much for this freak-a-leak to comprehend and he moved to the lounge car. This trip, I'm prepared. I loaded my husband's iPod with some jams that will give me an excuse not to have to talk to anybody. Sometimes I can be such a bitch.

Tomorrow is payday! yay!


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