Friday, June 20, 2008

No means NO!

Listen, I love firefighters. Really. They do good things and some of them are really hot.

But I HATE telemarketers.

My phone in the kitchen doesn't have Caller ID. Specifically, one of the kids lost the battery door and now the batteries just won't stay in it. So when I'm working in the kitchen, I just have to hope that if I answer the phone it will be someone I actually want to talk to. Not so much tonight. Jackson County Fireman's Support League or some bullsh*t like that.

I have a really hard time just hanging up on people, even if they are annoying. So I politely listened to him offer me free Royals tickets in exchange for my support of the firefighters. Unfortunately, I am broke this week (seriously I wasn't lying this time). I told him so and he goes "The minimum donation required is only twenty dollars! Can I count on your support?"

Twenty dollars is half a tank of gas. "Sorry, I just can't do it this week."

"Ma'am I know your time is valuable so I don't want to call you back next week. Can I count on your support?"

What part of "I just can't do it" doesn't he understand??????

At this point, I hung up.

I pay taxes like everybody else! That supports the firemen doesn't it?? When I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay for gas I don't want to be bribed into donating with some tickets to see a crappy baseball team! And of course out of my twenty dollars, fifteen would probably be collected by the telemarketing firm as a fee for their annoying services, so the poor sexy firefighters would only get about five dollars.

That's just pathetic... The telemarketers give firemen a bad name. They'd probably raise a lot more money if they had the cute firefighters come around knocking on doors. Send the fire-ladies too. Some of them are pretty hot as well.

**NOTE: I really do appreciate all the things firefighters do in teh community and hope I didn't offend them by objectifying their sexyness.

They're just so smokin' hot. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, grass would never need cut and would always be green and lush, even in its natural state.

In a perfect world, health care would be free or extremely cheap for citizens and legal immigrants.

In a perfect world, yummy treats would be delicious, nutritious and have no calories, and health food would have nine thousand calories and taste like poo.

In a perfect world, everyone would have plenty of food and shelter and people would respect each other's religion and not try and convert each other, either through violence or annoying tracts hidden in innocuous places.

In a perfect world, justice would be swift and fair.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need the courts or legislatures to define marriage, because everybody would realize that love doesn't discriminate based on gender.

In a perfect world, the dictinary definition of Macaroni and Cheese would be as follows: "A deliciously divine dinner which will both tantalize your tastebuds and scintilate your senes. Originally hand-crafted by Buddhist monks in Tibet who had been fasting and experiencing visions from Nirvana of the perfect meal. These monks now work for Kraft."

In a perfect world, Hilary Clinton would shut the hell up.

In a perfect world, I would have a mercedes and nice full D's, but also have several degrees and a well-paying job.

If only...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

So I'm finally starting to get the hang of this blogger thing I think. Soon I'll have more time to explore and get it set up all nice and neat. At the same time, I'm settling into my new house. It finally feels like home. Neighborhood is great, better than the hood I just moved out of.

I don't really understand the reaction I get from some snobbier suburban peeps when I tell them I moved to Independence. Like, I'm sure there is a lot of meth here, there is in every city. If you want to see the true meth capitol of the world, take a drive to Hutchinson KS. On second thought, don't. It's not worth much except during the State Fair and then you should only go there for the cotton candy and the pig races.

I'm taking the train to Newton tmw night. My family lives in Wichita and I'm going down for a visit. There are some weird-ass people on the train. Last week I got sat next to this guy going to Lawrence, who told me in the 1st five minutes that people who have children were terrible because they filled up the landfills with diapers and killed mother earth. Also, people who use the internet are terrible because they disconnect from the real world. I just had to point out the flaw in his logic: that the Internet facilitates a paperless society which saves the rainforests. That was just too much for this freak-a-leak to comprehend and he moved to the lounge car. This trip, I'm prepared. I loaded my husband's iPod with some jams that will give me an excuse not to have to talk to anybody. Sometimes I can be such a bitch.

Tomorrow is payday! yay!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The most incompetent person in Johnson County

So Phil Kline decided to run for the DA in JoCo. At the last minute. How nice of him to show his commitment to the citizens of Johnson County by waiting for the last minute to file!

I'm not a resident of JoCo, thank God. Voters would be crazy to elect him. He has proven himself to be a power-crazed single-issue tyrant who wastes time and taxpayer money on personal vendettas while letting the real cases that matter to the public become so bungled there is no chance of justice. He barely even cares enough to follow the residency requirements of his position!

Kline repeatedly brings charges against abortion providers even tho there is NO evidence of wrongdoing. The basis for these charges were rumors circulated by anti-choice nutcases like Troy Newman and Operation Rescue. One investigation after hearing these rumors is justified. After the charges are proven false, then DROP IT and move on to real crime. Kline has failed to do so, because all he cares about is his personal religious beliefs instead of pursuing justice in Johnson County.

Kelsey Smith has been dead over a year. Her killer, Edwin Hall should have been put to death six months ago. The district attorney was handed this conviction on a silver platter courtesy of Target's surveillance cameras. There should have been no question of his guilt. However, Kline's continued bungling of the evidence has allowed Edwin Hall's attorneys to present a decent defense. How can Kline sleep at night after denying the Smith family their closure for so long?? I guess for someone that only cares about harrassing people for using a legal medical procedure, it doesn't really affect him that Kelsey's parents will never be able to see her graduate college, walk her down the aisle at her wedding, hold her newborn babies...

I can't imagine that rational voters would let this man back into office after he has made fools out of everyone in Johnson County by pretending to care about justice when really he only cared about his personal beliefs. He was overwhelmingly defeated in the Attorney General's race. The same should happen in JoCo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Energizer Bunny

The AP is reporting that Barack Obama has enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. They came to this conclusion by adding up Obama's pledged delegates, delegates that privately confirmed their choice to the AP, and the number of delegates he would be guaranteed if he wins a bare-minimum of 15% of the vote in the remaining primaries. Simply put, there is no way the old lady will win the nomination.

Hilary Clinton still won't bow out. She said today she will not concede the race even though sources close to her previously said she would concede tonight. She needs to give up and go home. However, the gracious Senator Clinton did say she would be open to running as VP with Obama.

This would be a disasterous selection on Obama's part. Much of his appeal is with votors like myself, moderate conservatives who are tired of the status-quo and like what Obama has to say and what he stands for. Clinton is the poster girl of crazy liberals that would scare away the majority of these voters. It doesn't help that both Clintons don't think voters count in states that went to Obama in the primaries. That's not the image the party needs to send. If the vp-candidate thinks that voters don't count, surely she will understand when those states she insulted decide to vote Republican in November.

Selecting her as a running mate doesn't make sense on more levels than just one. Especially coming on the heels of her recent RFK assassination remark last week. If she is selected, and Barack gets assassinated, she is handed on a siver platter the very presidency that millions of Democrats don't want her to have.

Hilary Clinton needs to quit, now. She needs to go back to New York and do the job she was elected to do. Barack Obama should pick a running mate that represents his values in order to secure a Democratic president in 08.

Monday, June 2, 2008

American Idol is over...

Okay. I don't watch American Idol.

I usually watch the audition episodes and then I've lost interest by the time they start the actual competition. Most of the "idols" are forgotten before the next season rolls around. Taylor Swift-- who? Fantasia, wasn't that a musical? I will admit that I really like Kelly Clarkson, but that came around much later, after she was actually an established artist.

I hate David Cook. I don't even know how well he can sing. I don't care. I just want him to go away and take all the bleach-blonde suburbian preteens with him and never, ever be spoken of again.

I'm usually a very nice, pleasant person. However, when I get stuck in traffic my niceness melts away like the faces of the Nazis in the last scene of the first Indiana Jones and I become not so nice of a person. I have never actually "raged" anybody but muderous thoughts have entered my mind. Friday 5/16 I was driving down 7 Hwy in Blue Springs around 530 or 6pm on my way to pick up my kids from babysitters. Usually it takes me about 10 minutes to get from her house back up to I70 in rush-hour traffic. Well, that particular Friday was the day Mr David Fancypants Cook was giving his Power & Light District concert and the shuttle running from Blue Springs to the concert just happened to dump out across the street from my babysitter's subdivision. It took me FIFTY MINUTES (yes nearly an hour) to get from my babysitter's house just to I70, a drive that normally takes me ten. This is David Cook's fault and I will never forgive him. He could actually turn out to have a good voice and a lucrative career, and thirty years from now all I will remember is how much I hate him for making me sit in traffic for an extra forty minutes on a hot Friday.

Another thing I can't stand is how local media is turning David Cook into a local religion. Every time the man breathes they report on it. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow morning they published a detailed schedule of his bowel movements. I'm not kidding, take a look:;jsessionid=3B59BDAF9B14427EC5C89EE163BF29F6?contentId=6676233&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Why is this news? I did get a kick out of the shameless plug for the new Fuel location in Independence. I guess just the David Cook story didn't make the minimum word requirement to be an actual story so they had to flesh it out with needless details like a new nightclub that's actually been around for a few months, and then for extra padding throw in is flight plans and that he won't have free time when he comes back cuz he'll be busy, ya know, trying to get people to remember who he is.

Listen, I'm sure he's actually a very nice guy in person. I just am sick of hearing about him every two seconds. AI is over. There's an endless war going on and children in Darfur (and America) are starving.

Thanks for letting me rant ;)


Hey there!

So this is my first post... bit awkward huh. Blog will probably be slow as I get things figured out. I've never had anything more advancd than Facebook. Also, going through some pretty big personal changes. New house, new job etc. All will work out for the better.

The intent for this blog is to be kind of a tableau of the miscellenous thoughts running through my head. The dog is sick of me talking to him so much, and he can't give any feedback LOL.

Sometimes I get a bit weird. Feel free to say so.

Have a good day!!