Monday, July 21, 2008


Just a quick lunchtime post...

Our laptop at home took a dump. We bought a Dell XPS in March after our beloved Gateway was stolen. I'm sure the tweakers who took it had fun trying to crack my husband's impossible passwords and encryption. In the end they probably just threw it away. Glad to know my three thousand dollar Gateway is now molding in a dump somewhere. Anyways, we bought a Dell XPS becuase it was cheap(er than most) and we heard that they were supposed to be really good laptops for their price range.

Boy, were we fooled.

One week after we bought it the mouse started acting up. The first twenty minutes after logging in or opening the lid, the damn thing would be unresponsive, or jump all over the damn screen, or when you'd go to click something it would decide to taunt you by jumping over to the little X and closing the window. A week after that, the fingerprint reader stopped working. Dear Husband is such a geek that he has to have a fingerprint reader to go along with the password, yeah whatever I said. Most recently, it started flashing a Blue Screen of Death (rofl) all the time and crashing. This freaking thing is four months old.

Dear Husband took it in to Best Buy to have it worked on. Thank God it's still under warranty. He kind of flipped out a bit when they told him they wanted to wipe the hard drive to determine if it was a software problem first. Now, DH is pretty damn knowledgable about computers. He thinks it's a hardware problem. I think it's just a crappy computer. But whatever.

Back to work...

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Xavier Onassis said...

Wow, that surprises me. I have a Dell XPS Tower that is a couple of years old. It's as powerful as The Hulk and I've never had a lick of trouble with it. Still very happy.